An hour with...Amanda Singer

Amanda Singer is a former Artist Liaison and Assistant Curator of Blain|Southern and now the Managing Director of Anton Kern Gallery in New York. The inimitable personality and art world darling welcomes us into her home in Brooklyn to tell us about her impressive collection of art (including a singular selection of Flash Tattoo designs from David Shrigley), the particular social bite of the hardcore lifestyle, as well as introduces us to her two (German-Speaking) dogs.

Provenance: Brooklyn, New York

Current Residence: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation:  Managing Director, Anton Kern Gallery,

Exciting Recent Projects:

Nicole EisenmanSkulptur Projekte Münster - Nicole is a fantastic artist and approaches every medium with such enthusiasm and ingenuity. This project was a challenging and rewarding learning experience.

Problem in New York with David Shrigley and Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth, the goal was to challenge the limits of music making by inviting a who’s who of local New York musicians to interact with David’s “improbable” instruments. The results were amazing!

Last Exhibition Seen: The last museum show I went to was Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World. Having worked with Chinese post-modern and contemporary art for some years, I was beyond excited for this show. I was just in Berlin last week and loved the Axel Kasseböhmer show at Sprüth Magers.

Some of your favorite artists: This is a tough one, I’d have to say, Gardar Eide Einarsson,  Matias Faldbakken, Banks Violette, Sarah Jones (who is an amazing photographer we represent at Anton Kern), Asli Cavusoglu, and New York locals like James Miller, Julie Curtiss, and Trudy Benson

Favourite Museums: Brooklyn Museum (I grew up going here and my trips there with my grandmother definitely shaped who I am today), Baltic Art Center, Whitechapel Gallery, Moderna Museet in Stockholm and Ludwig in Cologne.

Your flat is on fire, you can only salvage one artwork: Is this cheesy? It would have to be my Grandma's artwork, she is an incredibly talented painter. She seldom painted from subjects and I learned everything I know about art from her.

If money/space was no object?: ***If money was no object I’d want to own a piece of history - Ascension II or Not Yet by Eva Hesse.

Art collection goals: I’d love to own a large Ellen Berkenblit painting, honestly. I fell in love with her work the first day at the gallery and my love of her work has only grown since I’ve had the honor of working so closely with her. There’s also always space on my wall for a Gardar Eide Einarsson or a Raymond Pettibon.

Fiac or Frieze: Frieze.

Basel or Miami: Basel, I don’t do well in the heat.

Venice Biennale? Yes! We’ll wait to see if our artists are involved.

And because Art is not only in museum and galleries...

Favourite Authors: Han Kang, Guy Debord, Shirley Jackson, H.P. Lovecraft

The movie you watched a 100 times: Army of Shadows by Melville is my all-time favorite film. It follows the French Resistance during the Second World War. Melville was a master at building suspense.

The TV Series you could totally watch all over again (if not already) : Black Books and Peepshow, I’m a sucker for a good Britcom.

And the one you are obsessed with now: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, it’s set in a stylized 1950’s Manhattan with quick-witted amateur comediennes. It’s a must-watch.

You are listening to a lot of: Ben Frost and Jenny Hval 

Cookbook most splattered with food and grease: Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz  

You shop at: I shop at a lot of specialty markets for my food. I have a tofu dealer in Chinatown–he’s great. I have a tea guy in my neighborhood with rare tea varieties but also love getting herbal infusions and coffee from McNulty’s in Greenwich Village. I travel to Bensonhurst occasionally to stock up on italian food from Ciao Bella Market and get my veggies from a CSA. 

The restaurant you keep going to for special occasions: Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s (again) Modern Love. And because I’m Italian-American, Pontevecchio in Bay Ridge… it’s tradition.

Food heaven? The best place to be vegan is Prague, and the Tesco vegan products in London are also top-notch.

Drink of choice: Definitely not Jameson. Whiskey, specifically, Oban. Anton [Kern] gifts me with whiskey after a good exhibition run or long-term project. 

The secret place you don't want anybody to know about: Slovenia, there is so much history, phenomenal architecture, a vibrant DIY punk scene, and beautiful natural surroundings. I also really love the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Iceland. It’s less touristy than the south and east of Iceland and is just stunning.

Ideal Vacation: I’d love travel around Norway, starting at the Peter Zumthor/Louise Bourgeois Steilneset Memorial in Vardö and working my way down to Oslo via various stave churches and sites of Norwegian death metal significance.

Retirement Plan: I’m never going to retire, I love my job, I’m going to haunt the building. Anton would love hearing that.