An hour with...Tanya Grigoroglou

Tanya Grigoroglou is the former Head of Prints at Bonhams and Paddle8 and now a print dealer, founder of RAW Editions. She is welcoming us in her Brixton apartment to tell us all about Greek Islands, Greek food, Greek 90s music. And bit about (thankfully not Greek) art.


Thessaloniki, Greece

Current Residence:



Founder of RAW Editions, a dealership specializing in contemporary prints and multiples.

Exciting Recent Projects:

I have been working on getting a new restaurant furnished with art, and just launched our e-commerce website. And we are preparing for our first fair in January. (Battersea Decorative Art & Antiques Fair January 23-28, 2018)

Let's talk about Art...

Last Exhibition Seen:

Rachel Whiteread at the Tate, and the Basquiat show at the Barbican. So many people. But the really cool part was the Banksy around the corner.

Some of your favorite artists:

It has to be David Shrigley. I am obsessed with him at the moment. But I do also like Grayson Perry, and Jasper Johns was my first “print” love. And Eduardo Paolozzi.

Favourite Museums:

MoMA and Tate Britain.

Your flat is on fire, you can only salvage one artwork:

I would take Michael Craig-Martin’s Fountain, over here. One of the very few works here that is NOT a print.

Art collection goals:

There is this one work that I will probably never find, but there is this 1972 Jasper Johns lithograph “A Cartoon for Tanya” that is dedicated in the stone “To Tanya With Love from Jasper”. Obviously it was not dedicated to me but to Tanya Grossman, the founder of ULAE that introduced Johns to printmaking. It is only an edition of 10 and an impression has not come on the market for over 20 years, but if you have to aim high.

and If money/space was no object?

That would be an Antony Gormley sculpture. Or a Grayson Perry pot.

Fiac or Frieze:

Well Frieze, but to be honest Frieze Masters really.

Basel or Miami:

Never been to either. Both fairs have always coincided with my London auction sales in December and the height of the business getting season for the summer prints auctions, so I had to give them a miss. But I will try to make it to Miami next year.

Venice Biennale?

Not this year. With the launch of RAW Editions just before the summer, we have spent the summer adding to our inventory rather than travelling.

And because Art is not only in museum and galleries...

Favourite Authors:  Gabriel Garcia Marquez has to be my top one. I went through a phase when I was reading EVERYTHING he wrote. And Albert Camus.

The movie you watched a 100 times:

I don’t do movies or books many times. OK Harry Potter. It is my Christmas movie. We go through all of them every year. .

The TV Series you could totally watch all over again (if not already):

Stranger Things.

And the one you are obsessed with now:

Well, Stranger Things.

You are listening to a lot of:

I have a very confused playlist from jazz to 90s Greek pop music from when I was a teenager.

Now for earthlier nourishment...

Cookbook most splattered with food and grease:

My handwritten notebook with my grandma’s recipes.

You shop at:

I love London food markets, they remind me of home. Leisurely Saturday mornings at Venn street food market in Clapham Common for fish and veg.

The restaurant you keep going to for special occasions:

We spent our first Christmas party with RAW Editions at Counter Culture in Clapham, a tiny tiny place with local seasonal food. The only place I will literally order the whole menu.

Food heaven?

Greece. Silly question. I would live off fish and tomato salads.

Drink of choice:

Lately Negroni, because my other half makes a really good one.

To get away from it all

Ideal Vacation:

The small Greek islands of the South Aegean. And if not there, then Machu Picchu.

The secret place you don't want anybody to know about:

This complex of tiny islands in Greece called Koufonisia. But I am getting married there next year so it is not gonna be so secret anymore.

Retirement Plan:

Like Persephone in Greek mythology, to spend 6 months here and 6 months on a Greek island. But I hope this will happen before retirement and that I won’t have to retire.