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Closed artworks are artworks that have been offered in a previous sale but are no longer available. These works do come back from time to time, so sign up to the newsletter to be the first to know when they are back, or simply ask us at

Shepard Fairey - Earth Crisis Letterpress, 2016
Earth Crisis Letterpress, 2016
£1,560.00 GBP
After Jeff Koons - Flower Puppy, 1992
Flower Puppy, 1992
£780.00 GBP
Shepard Fairey - Liberté, égalité, fraternité, 2016
Liberté, égalité, fraternité, 2016
£2,000.00 GBP
Faile - Live Brighton Beach, 2010
Live Brighton Beach, 2010
£1,080.00 GBP
Mr.Brainwash - Moment of Silence, 2017
Moment of Silence, 2017
£540.00 GBP
Shepard Fairey - Palace of Power, 2016
Palace of Power, 2016
£300.00 GBP
C215 - Sans titre (Botticelli), 2016
Sans titre (Botticelli), 2016
£300.00 GBP
C215 - Sans titre (chat), 2015
Sans titre (chat), 2015
£1,320.00 GBP
C215 - Untitled (lovers)
Untitled (lovers)
£156.00 GBP
Faile - Untitled (Silence), 2006
Untitled (Silence), 2006
£6,000.00 GBP

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