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At Art Snap we believe that collecting should be an exercise in passion, not patience.

At Art Snap we believe that collecting should be an exercise in passion, not patience.

At Art Snap we are a team of people with art world and e-commerce experience. Having worked at auction houses, online and offline, we were getting frustrated but the length and the complexity of the process. Whereas everywhere else on the Internet, you can buy anything and receive it in a few days, buying art remains a lengthy, mind-boggling process, sometimes taking months, with plenty of hidden fees and costs. 

So we decided to do something about it: ART SNAP.

First we decided to get rid of the sacrosanct AUCTION. Nobody wants to wait for 2 or 3 weeks before knowing if yes or no, you have won the coveted artwork, most often discovering that somebody sniped you at the last second, while you were busy doing something else with your life. So on ART SNAP, if you like something, you can buy it now and that's it. 

Then, we decided to do something about PRICES. There are plenty of websites where you can find artworks listed by galleries and artists, but usually at a huge markup compared to auction prices. So we do flash sales. Because works are offered for a limited time ONLY, we can get very good prices from sellers.

Also, we wanted to have well established artists so if your taste evolves, or if you get tired of your artwork, you can easily RESELL it, on Art Snap (of course) or through a different channel. Of course, you will not find million dollars Picassos and Basquiats on Art Snap (yet) but you will find plenty of nice prints and multiples that will look GREAT on your walls. 

And last (but not least) we decided to do something about SHIPPING, the bane of online art buying. On Art Snap, you have simple, upfront shipping rates, no bad surprises. And as soon as you pay, works are shipped to you via courier. So it is really as easy to buy art on Art Snap as it is to buy a book on Amazon.

Really. Give us a try. 


Eddie Hautchamp, Founder

Eddie has 10 years of experience as a Post War and Contemporary Art specialist. He worked for auction houses, Piasa, Millon and Paddle8. He is in charge of finding undiscovered troves of amazing artworks for our collectors.  

Emma Dolan, Technology & Design

Emma has 10 years of experience designing and building websites. She started working for the British Museum and the National Gallery before creating the Untethered Collective, making beautiful and functional websites for independent creative businesses. 


It takes a village to launch a startup. We have been relying on a network of friends and advisors to make ArtSnap a reality. We would not have made it without them. And we keep going to them regularly to improve ArtSnap's services to sellers and buyers. 

Julien Bergis, e-commerce guru

Julien is the founder of Les Raffineurs the online destination for unique gifts for men. Before that, he was working for Yellow Korner, an online/offline photo gallery with 75 stores worldwide. He has taught everything we know about selling online. 

Sahsa Tsimbler, UX guru

Sasha has more than a decade of exprience in UX and Design, most recently as a UX Associate Director at global digital agency Razorfish. A lover of good design, Sasha is helping us streamlining our customer journey and communicating our vision. 

Nicolas Lenclud, acquisition guru

Nicolas is an experienced digital marketer with 10 years of experience both in agency and in startups. He is currently Head of Media with Paris based agency Drive. Our Search Engine and Paid Social advertising would not be the same without him (i.e. they would be really terrible)

Tanya Grigoroglou, print guru

Tanya was Head of Prints at Bonhams and Paddle8. She has launched RAW Editions in 2017, specializing in Post War and Contemporary Prints. Prints is a big part of what we do and we go to Tanya every time we have a doubt about authenticity or provenance.


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