ArtSnap Fees for Sellers

ArtSnap's commission is added onto the net price submitted by the seller to give the artwork final selling price. If we think that the total selling price is not competitive for ArtSnap buyers, we will discuss this with the seller before listing a work. If you have any question do not hesitate to email us at

<£500 30%
£1000 and up 20%


All retail prices are then rounded up or down to the nearest £50.

Example 1

Net Price agreed with seller: £260

£250 x (1+30%) = £338

Retail price on ArtSnap: £350

Example 2:

Net Price Agreed with Seller: £700

£700 x (1+25%) = £875

Retail price on ArtSnap: £900

Example 3:

Net Price Agreed with Seller: £2,000

2,000 x (1+ 20%) = £2,400

Retail price on ArtSnap: £2,400


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