ArtSnap x Tagsmart

New level of security in art transactions

Powered by Tagsmart Technology

We are the first secure marketplace where collectors, artists, dealers and galleries can trade with trust.

Tagsmart develops technologies that build a new level of trust in art transactions. The journey began with a small group of artists, framers and collectors looking for a way to add a missing dimension of trust and transparency to contemporary art. It has since grown to include provenance records for secondary sales.

In 2019 ArtSnap integrated Tagsmart’s latest provenance technology in order to create the first secure marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade with trust. We give you peace of mind regarding the two most important aspects of buying art on the secondary market:

1. Know who you are buying from. To achieve this all ArtSnap consignors will go through a bank-standard identity and Anti-Money Laundering checks. While the seller may prefer to keep their identity private, we will always know they are trustworthy.

2. Know what you are buying. Every artwork sold on ArtSnap is accompanied by a Statement of Provenance which incorporates anti-counterfeiting measures. This document contains a full description of the artwork as well as information on how it was acquired by its consignor. You will also have access to the digital provenance record and will be able to add to it recording the full history of the work and growing its value over time.

In 2019 we will start offering Tagsmart’s DNA tags that securely but discreetly link the physical artwork to its documentation.

Tagsmart will securely store the information about our consignors and the provenance records for all ArtSnap works enabling us to create a marketplace with the next level of transparency and trust.