Art Snap is charging a flat fee for shipping depending on where you want your artwork shipped. The shipping rates are the following:

Domestic Shipping (ie UK to UK, or Switzerland to Switzerland)
30 GBP
European Shipping (from an EU + Switzerland country to another one)
40 GBP
Europe-US Shipping
50 GBP
Europe-Rest of the World
Shipping quote on request at



Shipping rates include fine art insurance. 


If you are shipping internationally you may be liable for import duties and VAT, except if the shipment remains within the EU. Intra-EU shipments are not subject to any import taxes. 

Artworks are usually subject to import VAT at a reduced rate (e.g. in the UK 5% instead of 20%). Below you can see a few of the more common import VAT rates. Check with your local tax authority for more details. 

Country Rate of import VAT for art, antiques and collectibles items
Austria 10%
Belgium 6%
France 5.5%
Germany 7%
Greece 13%
Ireland 13.5%
Italy 10%
Luxembourg 6%
Netherlands 6%
Spain 10%
Sweden 12%
United Kingdom 5%


Import taxes are collected by the shipping company at the time the package clears customs. ArtSnap is not involved in any way in calculating or collecting import taxes. 

Don't hesitate to email if you have any questions. 




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