Andy Warhol

Set of 2 plates (Skull)

Medium: Porcelain
Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm (8.2 x 8.2 in)

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3 SnapFacts about Warhol:

*The auction record for Andy Warhol was set at $105m (£65.5m) in the US for Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster). The work depicts the aftermath of an accident, with a twisted body sprawled across the mangled interior of a vehicle.

*He made a cookbook and it’s as bizarre as you’d expect. In 1959, Warhol joined forces with his friend, interior decorator Suzie Frankfurt, to create a cookbook called Wild Raspberries. Mocking the genre of stylish French cookbooks, Warhol and Suzie wrote recipes for "dishes" such as Omelet Greta Garbo (to be eaten alone), Roast Iguana Andalusian, and Gefilte of Fighting Fish. The book is illustrated with 19 Warhol’s illustrations.

*Warhol was fascinated by Marcel Duchamp’s philosophy of mass-produced art. Warhol wanted to paint like a machine, and create art separate from his effort and emotion. He traced projected images and reproduced them with silkscreens to create a mass-produced look. Warhol named his studio The Factory. He hired many assistants to further separate himself from his art.


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